Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Find Me on Letterboxd!

Hello all! Well what a crazy couple months it’s been huh? I find it a strange coincidence that I had decided at the start of 2020 to focus more on just watching movies and less on writing about them. Since there won’t be any new theatrical releases anytime soon, it seems like the best time to make this announcement.

 I have written a full review for every movie I’ve seen in the theater since the fall of 2005. That is a pretty good nearly 15 year run. But as someone who does this for fun and not for work, I sometimes found it “stressful” to plan and write a full review when it was hard to find the time to do so. Going to the theater almost became a “chore.” I’d see a movie and then have “homework.” So instead I’d rather go see a movie and take it in and not necessarily be bothered with having to write out a well-worded review documenting it. Dry your eyes though, as this isn’t a goodbye speech. It’s merely a reinvention. I’m now using the website and app Letterboxd to document ALL of my movie watching. That’s right, now you’ll be able to know everything that I’ve watched either at home or at the theater (well only at home for now - I’ve been on a 90s kick and have watched a bunch of Van Damme movies because I’ve never seen any before. And now I’m going through the Lethal Weapon movies for the first time. Quarantine must really getting to me!). I was always a big fan of those thousand page movie review books growing up where you could flip and find a star rating for nearly every movie ever made. (For the record my fav book was definitely Mick Martin and Marsha Porter’s DVD and Video Guide which published its last edition in 2006. It was my bible. And it probably was many of yours as well. I still have it and it’s practically falling apart and if anything happens to it I’ll never be the same. My dog already ate my Leonard Maltin guide so this one is in full protective custody).

With Letterboxd I hope to keep a running list of everything I’ve been up to for years to come. I will write mini reviews whether it’s a sentence or two or a full review. Whatever I’m feeling up to. Don’t delete your Chris’ Cinema Center bookmark just yet cause this site is not going anywhere. I will continue to use it to post my yearly Best Of The Year list, my Oscar Predictions, and other fun lists I can think of along the way.

So where can you find me you ask? I’m registered at Letterboxd under the username Topher7777 and my real name is listed as Chris Gallo. Feel free to give me a follow. I already have several lists of note. You wanna know my Top 100 favorite movies of all time? You’ll find it there. I hope if you’re reading this you’re doing well and that we can all return to a sense of normalcy relatively soon. I have no idea what the cinematic future will bring but until then... well this ain’t good bye, it’s just I’ll never see you again. I kid I kid, that’s a Frank Drebin quote. See you at the movies!

The link to my Letterboxd page here:

Topher7777’s Letterboxd


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