Monday, June 08, 2009

My Two Cinematic Cents: Title Remakes

Ok ok, everyone knows that Hollywood hardly has any new ideas anymore. It's always remake this, reboot that, reimagine this, sequel that. You know what? I'm sort of ok with it as long as there's something original every once in a while. Look at Pixar for the most original and entertaining movies ever made (Although they do have Toy Story 3, so even they have caught the sequel bug). So since everyone is all distraught over all the remake and reboots of actual movies, why is no one upset when movies reuse the SAME TITLE. So someone decided to make another sequel to The Fast and the Furious. They had 2 Fast 2 Furious. Then there was Fast and the Furiuos: Tokyo Drift. So Fast and the Furious Part 4 was too unoriginal right? I know let's take out the two THEs in the original title: Fast and Furious? huh? And now we have THE FINAL DESTINATION which is the fourth film in the Final Destination series. Apparently those producers only know how to count to three. Frankly the original title, Final Destination Death Trap, would have worked for me. And all of this isn't really a complaint, just an observation. Hence when Spider-Man 4 comes out, can we expect them to add a the? Will it be The Spider-Man? Heck why doesn't Pixar just call Toy Story 3, The Toy Story.

Having said all that, I'm super duper excited for The Final Destination which is going to be released in 3D! The Final Destination series have been one of the most consistant in terms of fresh slasher kills even though it is seriously the same exact plot in every movie. Hey, if it works the first time, don't change a thing! And i'm being serious... Imean this ain't Shakespeare. Bring on the gory deaths August 28th. And check out the trailer now:

The Final Destination trailer in HD